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White spots on face are usually small dots or patches of discoloration. They may be raised or flat and may be itchy or not. They may disfigure your appearance and hence lower your self-esteem. Can vitamin deficiency, skin fungus and exposure to sun result in white spots, dots or patches on face? Explore the possible causes of white spots on your face and their pictures. It is important to note that you can get rid of the spots on your face using various effective treatments and home remedies.

Signs and Symptoms of White Spots on Face

Have you ever seen white spots or patches on the face? The appearance of strange white spots on your face can be so annoying especially if it is impossible to hide it under makeup. Truly, some ugly white marks on the face can embarrass you to your friends and colleagues.

White spots on face - vitiligo
White spots on face

White spots on the skin of the face can manifest in various signs and symptoms. It is important to learn and understand the possible signs associated with white spots, bumps or patches on face. This can help you to detect any problem on your skin so that you go for earlier treatment before the widespread of white marks on the face. Here include the possible signs and symptoms of white spots on face:

  • Tiny white, yellow or pale pink dots on forehead, nose, under eyes and on cheeks
  • Large white irregular shaped patches on skin of the face
  • Raised white or yellow bumps on face
  • Flat creamy marks, dots or scars on face
  • Painful yellow or white blisters on lips, eyelids, nose, and on cheeks
  • Painless hard whitish bumps on skin of the face
  • Dry, scaly or leathery shiny white marks on skin

White Spots on Face Pictures

How do white spots, marks or patches on the face look like? Clear pictures or images are included in this post to show you how various skin conditions with white marks appear. These pictures can also help you to understand and be familiar with how white spots on the skin look like.

In addition, you can use these pictures as a guide to know the type of spots affecting your skin. However, do not use these pictures as a guide for medical treatment without the help of your doctor.

Causes of White Spots on Skin

White dots on the face can appear due to various factors or causes. Usually, the causal agents of white spots on skin can determine the type of dots that appear. Some spots can be tiny, small or few and less visible to eyes. Occasionally, these spots might be large and prominent on the face.

Generally, some of the causal agents of white spots on skin can result to a harmless skin condition. Besides being harmless, it can affect your beauty and make your face less attractive. Nevertheless, some causal agent can result in a serious skin damage that requires medical attention.

The following include causes of white spots on face:

1. Milia spots

The development of white dots on the skin of the face might be the effect of milia. Milia on the skin are usually characterized by tiny white bumps that appear like whiteheads known as milium cysts.

Typically, milium cyst can appear on forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. The unique sign of milium cyst on the skin is that it appears in a cluster at the same point or location on the skin. Occasionally, milium cysts can appear distributed evenly on the surface of the face.

white spots on face - milia spots
Milia spots around an eye

The main cause of milia on the skin is due to the consequence of keratin deposit underneath the skin surface. Keratin is a protein component of the skin epidermis that protects the inner part of the body. Milium cyst can develop when keratin is trapped under the skin surface that results in the formation of tiny white bumps or raised spots on the skin.

In addition, milium cyst can also appear on your face due to long exposure to sunlight. Sunspots or sunburns can trigger the formation of milium spots on the face. Other cosmetic products and procedures can also encourage milia to appear. For instance, the use of oil makeups and skin resurfacing are risk factors that cause milia.

Milia is a common problem that can show up on the skin of newborns. The face of a baby is more susceptible to milia attack. Infant or toddler can also develop white spots or dots on face called baby acne. However, adults can also develop milium pots on their face.

Usually, milia spots on the face on your skin can be a benign condition that cannot advance into a serious health complicated problem which can clear up from your face within few months, even without treatment. Milium cysts are harmless but they can make your skin look less attractive.

For few cases, milium cyst can be worrisome when they dominate and spread on the whole face. Because of this reason, you can go for milia removal creams that can help to speed up the healing process to restore your skin into a smooth texture.

2. Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin a condition that can result in white spots on face. This condition result to loss of skin color or melanin. Usually, it starts with a tiny white dot on the affected area that finally advances into large patches on the skin.

White spots on face - vitiligo
Vitiligo spots on face

Vitiligo can affect your skin when melanocytes fail to produce melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives the skin its color. The main cause of melanocytes to stop function is not clearly known but according to dermatologists, you can develop vitiligo due to death or malfunctioning of cells that produce melanin on your skin.

3. Tinea versicolor

Tinea versicolor is also called Pityriasis versicolor. This is a skin disorder that is characterized by white marks, pink dots or brown spots that can appear on the skin depending on your skin color. This condition can also result in the scaly dried skin with raised bumps.

White spots on face - tinea versicolor
tinea versicolor on face

Tinea versicolor is caused by fungi or yeast. The attack of yeast infection on the skin of the face may cause white spots and patches on the face or other parts of the skin. If you have a fair skin color, it is difficult to notice the white spots caused by yeast infection until brown or yellow patches appear.

White spots on face - tinea versicolor on black person
Tinea versicolor on a black person’s face

This skin condition can attack anybody but it is common to individual living in humid climatic condition. You can also develop this infection when you are exposed to risk factors that encourage the growth of yeast on the skin. Examples of risk factors that encourage Tinea versicolor include:

  • Use of oil makeups on the skin
  • Weakened immune system
  • Change of body hormones
  • Excess sweat on the skin
  • Deposit of dirty, oil on surface of the skin
  • Underlying condition in the body like cancer

Tinea versicolor can affect women during pregnancy period to develop white spots and patches on the face. Usually, pregnancy periods are associated with a change in body hormones that may encourage various spots to appear on the skin such as whiteheads, acne, dark spots or any other skin marks.

4. Pityriasis Alba

White spots on face can appear because of Pityriasis Alba. This skin condition is characterized by dry or leathery skin that has white marks. These marks can vary from pale red, brown or white. Pityriasis Alba can affect the skin of the face, neck, shoulders, upper arms, chest, back, and abdomen.

White spots on face - pityriasis alba
Pityriasis alba on face

The main cause of Pityriasis Alba is not clearly known but the condition is attributed to be a type of eczema. Eczema is an immune disorder that occurs when the immune system fails to distinguish between body cells from strange pathogens. Instead of fighting strange harmful substance in the body, the body immune system can attack useful body cell hence inflammation of the skin that leads to white spots on face.

Pityriasis Alba is a common skin disorder that affects babies, children, and young adults or teens. The risk factor for this skin condition is when you give a hot bath to your child or baby. However, an adult can also be affected by this skin condition to develop white dots, patches on the skin.

5. Sunburns, UV light effects

Direct exposure to sunlight can result in various skin problems. Sunlight contains harmful UV rays that can cause either acute or chronic damage to the skin. The acute damage of UV rays can cause sun spots which are a mild condition of the skin that can resolve without treatment.

White spots on face - sunburn
white spots on face as a result of sunburn

The chronic damage of sunrays can result to more serious skin problems. For instance, skin cancer, freckles, Melasma, actinic keratosis, solar lentigines and premature aging of the skin. Sunlight also can result in permanent eye damage and cause immune disorders.

6. Acne

Whiteheads is a type of acne that can cause tiny white or yellow dots on the skin of the face. Whitehead on the face usually appears as raised white dots or bumps. This bumps can appear on the forehead, on the nose, on cheeks, chin, and under eyes.

You can easily develop whiteheads on face due to clogged skin pore by debris and dead skin cells. Having a natural oil skin can increase the risk of getting pimples on the face. Other factors that can encourage acne on the face include:

  • Pregnancy period that causes change of body hormones that stimulate pimples to appear on the skin, pregnancy also increase cholesterol deposit on the ski
  • Puberty stage that results to increase in oil deposit on the skin that can lead to whiteheads
  • Menstrual cycle that results to change of body hormones that stimulate oil to accumulate on the skin hence whiteheads can appear
  • Menopause is usually associated with increase of oil on the skin that can result in formation of whiteheads

7. Xanthelasma

Xanthelasma is the deposit of cholesterol on the upper surface of the skin. This condition can result in white spots on face. Usually, xanthelasma can result in yellow or whitish raised spot on the skin. Typically, this spots can appear o nose, under eyes, cheeks, and on the chin.

White spots on face - xanthelasma
xanthelasma spots on face –

This skin condition is caused by cholesterol disorder know as dyslipidemia. The high amount of fat or lipid in the body system has a consequence of cholesterol deposit on the skin hence whiteheads can appear on the skin of the face.

8. Skin cancer

Skin cancer is another factor that can cause various types of spots on your face including white spot. Skin cancer might develop into pink, brown, yellow, grey or black hard bumps that can bleed easily. This condition can be caused by the chronic effects of UV light from the sun.

This condition can advance into a serious skin condition that requires medical treatment. It is advisable to seek help from your doctor if you notice that your skin has painless hard bumps that can bleed easily. Skin cancer is treatable at an earlier stage of infection.

9. Genetic factors

Genetic factors can also result in white spots on face. For the case of albinism that is caused by a recessive gene that encourages lack of skin pigment. Genes that cause albinism can be inherited from parents to young once. The heterozygous gene of albinism on your chromosome can result in traits of white spot on the skin.

10. Allergies

Allergic reactions can result in white spots on face. They usually occur when your face is exposed to allergens, especially by contact with water or exposure the atmosphere with the allergens. While somme people are agffected by certain allergens, other may not be affected at all.

White spots on face - allergy
white spots on face due to allergic reactions

11.Thyroid disorder

According to Web MD, thyroid disorder are associated with skin problems like hypopigmentation that result in white spot or patches on the skin including the face.

White Patches on Face Vitamin Deficiency

The deficiency of vitamin in the body can result in skin problems. Poor nutrition might be a reason for having dry white patches or dots on your skin. Melanocytes can fail to produce melanin due to deficiency of essential vitamins in the body.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid in the body is necessary during the formation of skin pigment by melanocytes. Lack of ascorbic acid can lead to skin disorders such as scurvy and hypopigmentation. Scurvy is a nutritional disorder that causes abnormal loss of skin pigment or less production of melanin.

Vitamin B-9 or folic acid is another essential component that is necessary for pigment formation on the skin. Lack of folic acid can increase the risk of getting white spots on your face or on the entire body surface.

Taking a diet rich in vitamins and minerals can help to maintain and keep your skin soft and bright smooth. You can escape skin problem caused by a deficiency of vitamins by eating fruit and fresh green vegetables. Also, supplement your diet with multivitamins syrup.

White Spots on Skin Fungus

Fungal infection on the skin can cause white spots on face and on other parts of the body skin. Tinea versicolor is a known fungal infection that can affect the skin to develop scaly or dry patches.  This condition can also affect other parts of the body such as armpits, neck, inner thighs and upper arms.

Yeast infection is common to individuals who produce a lot of sweats. Poor body hygiene practices, oily skin and use of oily makeups are risk factors for yeast infection. Also, humid hot climate can encourage yeast growth on the skin.

White Spots on Skin from Sun

Direct exposure to harmful UV light from the sun might result in a skin disorder called Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis. Sunburn can cause flat marks, patches or dots that can occur on the face, upper arms and on shoulders.

Sun damage can affect both fair and dark-skinned individual. However, the condition is common to individuals who are above 40 years. Sunspots or age spots can as well affect the young individuals. Mild white spots from the sun are always harmless. Occasionally, chronic effect of sunlight can increase the risk of getting skin cancer.

Small or Tiny White Spots on Skin

White spots on the skin of the face can appear in various sizes and shapes depending on the causal agents that we have already discussed. White spots can show up as small, tiny or little in size.  Some white dots are less visible by eyes because of their small sizes.

Occasionally, few tiny white spots on face can develop into large white patches or big bumps that can frustrate you a lot. Also, tiny or small visible white marks on your face can also frustrate your mind especially if they refuse to resolve. It is advisable to seek help from your doctor in case your face has stubborn white patches or marks that affect your beauty.

White Patches on Children’s Face

White patches, spots or dots are a common skin problem that can show up on infants, toddlers or children. This spots or marks can appear due to various reasons that we already discussed. For more emphasis, the following are a common condition that might result in white patches on the skin of children:

  • Tinea versicolor is a yeast infection that can attack the skin of children to develop dry or scaly patches
  • Milia are common skin condition that can appear on face of infants or toddlers, milia are baby acne
  • Pityriasis alba or eczema can also affect the skin of children
  • Sun damage, baby skin is more susceptible to sunburns that can cause white spots on the skin
  • Whiteheads can appear on children who are approaching puberty stage

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Face

White spots, dots or patches on your face can be removed using various treatment methods depending on the type of skin condition. Mild white spots on the skin can be treated by use of natural methods like home remedies. You can use home remedies for a skin condition like milia, xanthelasma, and acne.

Occasionally, some skin condition that causes white spots on the face such as skin cancer can advance into a serious health problem that you cannot manage by using home remedies. Alternatively, medical treatment is the appropriate option you can go for.

Treatment for White Spots on Face

When you notice white bumps, spots, and patches on your face are becoming a health and beauty problem, you can go for medical treatment by visiting your doctor. Dermatologist in the health center can help you on how to get rid of white marks on the face.

After visiting your doctor, he or she will decide the treatment method to use. Some of the methods that your doctor might use to remove white spots from your face include:

  • Laser treatment that uses a beam of strong light to remove hard white bumps on skin caused by cancerous condition
  • Chemical peels by use of special acidic creams that remove the upper layer of the skin that has white patches and dots
  • Prescription of medicinal creams that can help to clear white marks on face
  • Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion methods are surgical procedure that removes upper skin layer that has spots

Home Remedies for White Spots on Face

Try the following home remedies to get rid of white marks, dots on your face:

  1. Coconut oil

You can use coconut oil as a home remedy to get rid of white spots on your face. This oil has antifungal and antibacterial ability that can help to sooth and heals raised bumps on the skin. It also has the ability clear away and restores the skin condition to normal color and texture.

How to use:

  • Get a small amount of coconut oil
  • Clean your face with warm water and dry it using wash towel
  • Use your hands to apply the oil on the affected areas with white spots
  • Repeat to apply the oil three times per day for few weeks until white marks on your face fades away
  1. Ginger

Ginger has the ability that increases blood supply or circulation on the skin surface. This can help cells that produce skin pigment to get adequate nourishment from blood to make more melanin.


How to use:

  • Crush a root of ginger and mix with warm water
  • Apply the mixture on the affected area with white spots
  • Allow it stay on your skin for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water
  • Alternatively, drink the two teaspoons of ginger extract twice per day for few weeks
  1. Copper

Copper ions in the body can help melanocyte to produce enough skin pigment. These ions are enzyme cofactor that plays a critical role in melanin production. Copper ions can be used as a home remedy to get rid of white spots on face.

How to use it:

  • Get a copper jar and pour drinking water in the jar
  • Allow the water to stay in the copper jar for the whole night to infuse water with copper ions
  • Drink one cup of water that has copper ions every morning before eating anything
  1. Red clay soil and lemon juice

Red clay soil has a high content of copper salt that can help to restore your skin pigment. Lemon juice has citric acid that can help to exfoliate the skin to remove white marks.

How to use:

  • Mix small amount of red clay soil with lemon juice
  • Apply the mixture on the affected skin parts with white spots
  • Allow it to dry before rinsing it off with warm water
  • Repeat the treatment twice per day until white spot on face fades away
  1. Aloe Vera cream, juice or gel

Aloe Vera is the best home remedy that can be used to get rid of white dots or patches from the face. Aloe Vera has the ant microbes and antioxidant ability that can help to heal various skin problems including white spots on your face.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera

How to use:

  • Clean your skin with warm water and dry it off with washcloth
  • Apply the Aloe Vera cream, juice or gel on the affected skin part
  • Apply it before going to bed
  • Do the same treatment twice per day for few weeks until you notice a change on your face

When to See a Doctor Over White Spots on Face

You can see a doctor over white spots on your face if you notice the following:

  • When white spots on your face are itchy and cause a discomfort to you
  • If spots on your face are threatening your beauty
  • If white spot on skin of the face has persisted for more than three weeks
  • When white patches are spreading and dominating the whole skin surface
  • If your baby has a strange white dots or spots on face
  • When white spots on skin are hard bumps that can bleed easily

When you notice that your skin has white hard bumps that can easily bleed, it is quite important to visit your doctor to determine the cause of this problem, because it might be a sign of chronic skin disorder like skin cancer.

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