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Yellow Spots on Skin, Arms or Legs, Bruises, Small, Bright, Pictures, Causes, Treatment & Home Remedies

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Yellow spots, dots or patches may show up on your skin, although this is quite rare. Often, they are an indication of various health issues and skin conditions. Mostly, they appear on your arms, hands and legs or feet. However, they may appear on your face, lips or chest. This post presents pictures, causes, signs, and symptoms of yellow spots on skin. Also, it highlights how you can get rid of them with treatments and home remedies.

Signs and Symptoms of Yellow Spots on skin

Have you ever noticed a yellow spot or patches on your skin? The skin discoloration into yellow patches is a common condition that can occur to anybody. This could be an indication of either harmless or more serious health condition.

In most occasions, the turning of your skin into yellow color might be symptoms of more serious underlying health problem that needs medical attention. According to Mayo Clinic, you should not ignore any sudden yellow patches on your skin. But instead, seek the help of your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

The sudden development of yellow spots or patches on your skin can appear on various parts of your body. They can show up on the face, arms, and the palm of the hand, legs, thighs, back, neck, breast, belly, lower abdomen and any other parts of your body.

Other than yellow spots and patches appearing, your entire skin can also discolor into abnormal chronic yellow color. The palm of your hand, sole of your feet, fingernails, toenails and eye white parts are the common area that can indicate if your entire body skin has discolored into yellow.

The common signs and symptom that are usually associated with yellow spots on skin include the following:

  • Raised yellow pimples, bumps, and lumps on the skin
  • Fat yellow marks, dots, spots or patches on the skin
  • Itchy yellow spots or patches on the skin surface
  • Yellow dots or spots under the skin that are not itchy
  • Fluid-filled yellow blister, that burst, ooze and form yellow crust on skin
  • Bright yellow skin bruises, cuts, wounds, and sores
  • Yellow scarring on the skin

Yellow spots or patches on your skin also accompany other strange symptoms as an indication of an underlying health condition in your body. These symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Weakened body and others

Causes of Yellow Spots on Skin

Skin discoloration and yellow spots or patches can occur due to various causes. This cause may range from harmless skin condition to more serious underlying health condition. Some of the causes of yellow spots and patches on the skin include the following.

1. Skin injuries or trauma

Your skin can develop yellow spots, marks or patches as a consequence of injuries on the skin. The common skin injuries include cuts, bruises, and burns. These skin injuries can form wounds or sores that might turn into yellow scarring after healing.

2. Muscle strain

Yellow spots or dots can appear on the surface of your skin after heavy physical activities that involve muscles strain and stress.

3.  Newborn jaundice

This condition is also called breast milk jaundice. This is a common condition that can cause your bay to develop abnormal yellow skin and eyes. It occurs few weeks after the birth of the child and it usually goes away itself without treatment. It is caused by excess bilirubin in the blood of the newborn.

4. Alcoholic liver disease

This condition is caused by excess consumption of alcohol over a long period of time. The condition is also called alcoholic hepatitis. Its symptoms include yellow spots on skin, liver inflammation, cirrhosis, liver bleeding and liver failure

5. Blockage of bile duct

Yellow spots and patches can appear on the face, lips, abdomen, legs, hands, and other parts of your body as an effect of biliary obstruction. This condition involves the blockage of bile ducts or tubes due to gallstones.

6. Liver cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease that is associated with severe scarring and damage to the liver. It is usually caused by harmful chemicals, toxins, and viral infection. Excess consumption of alcohol can be toxic to the liver and can lead to this condition. Yellow skin is one of the symptoms of this condition.

7. Liver cancer

You can develop chronic yellow skin due to liver cancer. The cancer of the liver includes pancreatic cancer. This condition is difficult to manage especially if the cancerous condition advanced into its final stage.

8. Certain medication

Drug-induced immune hemolytic anemia is a rare condition that can occur when certain medication stimulates the immune system to attack red blood cells in the body. This condition is usually characterized by yellow spots on skin.

9. Idiopathic Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

This is a rare serious blood disorder that occurs when the body immune system attack and destroy red blood cells in the body. Yellow skin with patches and spots is one of the symptoms of this condition.

10. Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a condition that leads to inflammation of the liver that is associated with yellow skin. This condition can occur due to toxin, medication, drugs and viral infection of the liver. Types of hepatitis include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, and hepatitis E.

11. Yellow fever

Yellow fever is a serious flu that is characterized by jaundice and high fever. This infection is common in Africa and South America. The infection can be spread easily by mosquitoes bites.

12. Infectious Mononucleosis

This is a viral infection that can cause yellow spots on skin of the lips and inside the oral cavity. this infection is also called kissing disease. The infection typically affects teenagers but it can occur to anybody.

13. Weil’s Disease

This is a bacterial infection that can lead to symptoms of yellow spots on skin, fever, chills, headaches, vomiting, coughing and loss of appetite. You can contact the infection from the infected urine or blood of domestic animals such as cattle, pigs, and dogs.

14. Acute Pancreatitis

This is an inflammation of the pancreatic gland in the stomach. It can occur due to infections, injuries during a surgical procedure, excess fats in blood or as a result of an autoimmune disorder of the pancreas. Acute pancreatitis is always associated with symptoms of yellow skin or jaundice.

15. Pancreatic cancer

Cancer of the pancreas can lead to damage to the glands that produce digestive enzymes and hormones such as insulin and glucagon. This can result in yellow spots, patches or dots on various parts of your skin.

16. Thalassemia

This is a rare blood disorder that can lead to the destruction of red blood cells leading to anemia and yellow skin. The condition is caused by hereditary factors.

17. G6PD Deficiency

This is a genetic disorder that leads to a deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. The role of this type of blood sugar is to regulate the biochemical reaction in the body that helps to lengthen the lifespan of red blood cells. The deficiency of this blood sugar can lead to chronic hemolytic anemia that can make your skin appear yellow in color.

18. Sickle Cell Anemia

This is a genetic disorder that leads to red blood cells having a sickle-shape. You can develop yellow skin with patches if you have sickle cell anemia.

19. Blood incompatibility reaction

If you develop yellow spots on your skin after blood transfusion into your body, this might be a symptom of ABO incompatibility blood reaction. This can lead to anemia and jaundice.

20. Acetaminophen or Tylenol poisoning

Acetaminophen is a painkiller drug. The overdose of this drug can lead to poisoning that has the consequence of yellow spots on skin.

21. Other causes

You can develop yellow marks on your skin due to other rare causes such as :

  • Acne and yellow pimples on faces
  • Allergic reactions
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Cancer of small intestine
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Tuberculosis infection

How to Get Rid of Yellow Spots on Skin

You can get rid of yellow spots on your skin using various treatment methods. You can use natural home remedies for few, tiny, small yellow dots, marks, or patches on your skin that may not advance into a health complication.

Alternatively, you can use medical treatment. This treatment method is more effective in case your skin has a chronic yellow spots or patches that are likely to be caused by more serious underlying health condition.


In case your skin develops symptoms of yellow spots or patches that look worrisome, you can visit your doctor for medical treatment. After visiting the health provider, your doctor will decide the appropriate diagnosis method and treatment plan that can help to fix your health problem.

The common treatment method of yellow spots on skin that your doctor might use includes:

  • Prescription of oral medication that can help to treat the underlying condition that causes yellow spots on your skin.
  • Precreation of medicated creams that can help to cure skin infection that can lead to yellow spots
  • Surgical procedure to that can help to remove gallstone and malignant tissue on your liver that leads to problem of jaundice
  • Laser treatment that uses beam of light to remove chronic yellow spots on your skin
  • Blood transfusion treatment to cure chronic anemia and jaundice

Home Remedies
Home remedies are only effective to treat tiny, few and mild yellow spots on skin that are not caused by the more serious underlying condition. You can try the following natural treatment methods that include:

1. Beetroot

According to food and nutrition, eating beetroot is an excellent home remedy that can help to treat anemia and yellow spots on your skin. It has a lot of iron and vitamins that can help in the formation sufficient blood. Also, its vitamin can help to restore the color of your skin to normal.

How to use:

  • Blend a medium-sized beetroot with one carrot and extract a juice
  • Drink one cup of beetroot juice daily for few weeks
  • Alternatively, you can eat the whole beetroot as cooked vegetable or fresh salad

2. Lemon juice

You can use lemon juice as a natural bleaching agent that can help to remove yellow spots on your face, lips, legs, arms, and other parts of your body

How to use:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with 2 teaspoons of raw honey
  • Apply this mixture to the affected parts of your skin with yellow spots
  • Allow it to stay on your skin for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off
  • Repeat this procedure three times in a day for few weeks until yellow spots on your skin goes away

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an effective home remedy that you can apply to yellow spots caused by injuries, infection and even other causes. It has natural medicinal properties that can help in the healing of various spots on your skin.

How to use:

  • Get Aloe Vera cream, gel or juice
  • Apply it directly to the affected area with yellow spots
  • Repeat to apply it twice per day for few weeks until yellow spots clear away

4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has natural nutrients that can help to nourish your skin and restore its color to normal. also, it can help to clear away various types of skin spots including yellow dots and patches on face and other parts of your body.

How to use:

  • Wash the affected skin area with warm water and pat dry it with a towel
  • Apply few drops of coconut oil to the affected area and spread it with your finger
  • Allow the oil to stay on your skin for the whole day
  • Apply this treatment three times in a day for few weeks until yellow spots on skin go away

5. Tomato juice

Tomato juice is an effective home remedy that can help to remove yellow spots on your skin. it can also help to brighten your skin.

How to use:

  • Get ½ cup of tomato juice
  • Drink ¼ cup of the juice and apply the remaining portion to the affected skin area
  • Leave the juice to dry up before rinsing it off
  • Repeat this step twice per day until yellow spots and patches on your skin goes away.

When to See a Doctor

You can see your doctor over yellow spots on your skin if you experience the following conditions that include:

  • If yellow spots, dots, and patches on your skin have persisted for more than three weeks without healing.
  • If yellow spots on skin are associated with other strange symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, vomiting, fever, chills, and others.
  • When yellow spots on your skin develop into blisters, sores, and wounds that cause severe itchiness.
  • When your baby, toddler or child develop symptoms of yellow skin that look worrisome.

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